Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Water Damage in Creve Coeur, MO

After this Commercial Building experienced a water main break, our crews were on site to mitigate the water as quickly as possible. Here we can see our crew members putting new ceiling tiles back into the drop ceiling after the dry out was complete.

Commercial Water Damage in St Louis, MO

This business experienced a large sewer backup when part of their sewer line collapsed. The water that was being used in the building had no where to go due to the collapsed pipe so it backed up into this building.

Commercial/Large Loss Equipment

In the case that a large area or entire building has been affected by water damage we need to scale up our equipment to match the level of the loss. Here you can see a Desiccant Dehumidifier in action. This piece of equipment is using Low Grain Dehumidification to properly remove moisture from a large area.

Commercial Containment in Clayton, MO

Here we can see our Production Manager Kurt setting up containment at a commercial property in Clayton, MO. The containment being set is to section off an unaffected portion of the building, and to help create a stable environment in this area.

Commercial Equipment

Take a look at some of our equipment at work! The Plastic lay flat tubing is being used to transfer dehumidified air throughout all areas of the building. If you look closely you can see a containment barrier set at the end of the hallway.

Commercial Flood Damage in Fenton, MO

This was in the process of cleaning a commercial building in Fenton, MO. One of our crews members were scrubbing the floors with a roto to get all the mud off the floor. There was a significant amount of mud on the floor. The owner of the commercial building could not believe how efficient the roto worked. Also the owner was in shock on  how quickly and completely our crews were able to clean the floors and the rest of the building. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."