Water Damage Photo Gallery

Sump Pump Failure in Kirkwood, MO

In this photo you can see that the Sump Pump has failed, and water has overflowed into the unfinished basement. Luckily for these homeowners most of their contents are elevated off the ground. This prevented them from being affected. This is a great practice for storing your personal items in your basement.

Drying Equipment in Frontenac, MO

The drying equipment seen in this photo is our Air Movers. We strategically place equipment to ensure an efficient dry out of the building materials. If you look closely you can see the small vent holes that were drilled in the wall. We do this in order to get air movement between the walls. This helps save the drywall, and keeps it from being removed as we dry in-place.

Water Damage in Eureka, MO

A master bathroom toilet leaked overnight, and water ran through the flooring and down to a main level dining room. You can see the damages that water can do, even with a slow leak.

Pipe Burst in Sunset Hills, MO

Lack of, or poor insulation caused this copper pipe to freeze and burst. Many times it is hard to detect when a pipe has burst until it is to late. If you are noticing a loss in water pressure be sure to check for a pipe burst in your home or business.

Leaking toilet in Kirkwood, MO

Even a small leak such as this when gone undetected can cause major problems for your home or business. If you notice a leak you should get it fixed as soon as possible, and all water damages should be mitigated immediately.

Water Damage to Wooden furniture in Kirkwood, MO

When water damage strikes it will begin to be absorbed by all the materials in the affected area. Here we can see water damage to the leg of a pool table. Water has been wicked up by the wooden leg causing it to expand and crack.