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Sump Pump Failure in Sunset Hills, MO

When heavy rains fell in Sunset Hills, MO this sump pump could not keep up with the volume of water. This caused water to flood this basement. As you can see in... READ MORE

Oil Spill in Sunset Hills, MO Driveway

The home recently had roof damage due to severe winds. They called out a roofing company to do the repairs. While on site the trucks left some oil spots on the ... READ MORE

Overcharged Sewer Line in Kirkwood, MO

A sewer line can become overcharged when a we get a heavy amount of rainfall in a short period of time. The City's sewer lines can only handle so much water in ... READ MORE

Hydrostatic Pressure in Ballwin, MO

What is Hydrostatic Pressure? In this scenario, it is when water has saturated the ground so much that the water must find somewhere to go. The water will build... READ MORE

Pipe burst in a Church in Kirkwood, MO

Disasters strike nearly anytime of year, and without any warning. For example this Church in Kirkwood, MO experienced a major pipe break in their facility. Than... READ MORE

Sewer Back up in Frontenac, MO

This sewer back up was caused by a blockage of tree roots in the homeowners Private Lateral Sewer Line. This type of loss is typically covered by insurance, as ... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up in Sunset Hills, MO

When water intrusion results from a grossly unsanitary source or carries pathogenic agents it is said to be Category 3.This sewer back up in Sunset Hills, MO is... READ MORE

Pre-Testing of damage carpet in Des Peres, MO

Carpeting can create a comfortable environment in your home, but we all know it is tough to keep clean. This condo in Des Peres was rented out for many years, a... READ MORE

Property affected by water intrusion

SERVPRO works closely with many property managers. It is very important to these property managers that their properties are well maintained. In the photos abov... READ MORE

Soot covered Porcelain Figurines in Kirkwood, MO

These porcelain figurines where involved in a fire that started in the kitchen of a Kirkwood home. The figurines were locked away in a glass cabinet. This shows... READ MORE