Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Leak in St Louis, MO

Many of the homes in the City of St. Louis have been around for a while, and are prone to have Roof and Basement Leaks. During a Rain Storm this St. Louis home took on water through the small gaps in the roofing.

Thunderstorm causes Roof Leak in Kirkwood, MO

When a Thunderstorm rolled through Kirkwood it caused water to leak into this home affecting the ceiling and the hardwood flooring. We used plastic to tent off the floor, forcing dehumidified air into the affected flooring to speed up the drying process.

Sump Pump Failure in Des Peres, MO

During heavy rainfalls our sump pumps sometimes struggle to keep up, or don't kick on at all causing water not to drain properly through the sump pump. Here you can see what happens when a sump pump fails causing damage to the basement. A battery back up is available to help insure that your sump pump is working correctly.

Flooding from heavy rain in Sunset Hills, MO

A large storm passed through this area over the span of a week causing many roadways, homes, and businesses to be inaccessible. SERVPRO of West Kirkwood/Sunset Hills is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Flooding in Sunset Hills, MO

Here we can see the water line from a flooded home in Sunset Hills, MO. This photo was taken from the second story of a home that was affected by flooding due to heavy rain.

Storm Damage in St. Louis, MO

This St. Louis office building suffered serious damages after a recent sump pump failure. Notice the extent of the sump pump failure as the water has spread throughout the whole office. Our crews extracted all the water from the building and made sure the problem with the sump pump was fixed to make sure it wouldn't over flow again. In this picture you can see a green hose and a tool that looks similar to a vacuum. The vacuum and hose are used to extract all the sump pump water from the carpet and into a bucket in the other room. The whole process took our crews a total of seven days to complete. The customers from the office were very happy to have their office fixed and not filled with water anymore. For help restoring your home or office after a sump pump failure, call SERVPRO of West Kirkwood at 314-858-1688 and we'll make it, "Like it never even happened."